ADULT Cleaning........$110

CHILD Cleaning.........$60

SEALANTS................$40 per tooth

BiteWing xrays (2).....$25

BiteWing xrays (4).....$50

Vertical BW (6-8).......$75

Full Mouth Series.......$150

Been awhile since your last cleaning? Don't be embarrassed! Let us help you get your gums back in shape. We use numbing gels and desensitizing pastes to make you comfortable. We will determine how many therapy visits will be needed at your first appointment.

Full Mouth Debridement................$150

Periodontal Therapy (per session)...$150

 ******Dental Cleanings for ALL ages *****

Oral Prophylaxis (dental cleaning) that includes:

  • Comprehensive Oral Cancer Screening
  • Complete oral inspection
  • Review Medical & Dental history
  • Record Blood Pressure
  • Risk Assessments for Cavities and Gum Disease
  • Scaling and root planning
  • Remove plaque and calculus (soft and hard deposits)
  • Biofilm management instruction
    • beyond brushing & nagging here!

Additional Dental Hygiene Therapy

  • Periodontal Scaling and Maintenance
  • Desensitizing and Fluoride Treatments


  • Thin, plastic coating applied to the chewing surfaces of molars and bicuspids to prevent tooth decay.


  • Only as needed!
  • We are an “Image Gently” partner

Oral Health Education

  • Solutions based on your risk factors  
  • Prevent disease to minimize repair
  • Nutritional Counseling to promote better oral health
  • Natural remedies like Xylitol Gum to reduce cavity germs
  • Modern Technology for Biofilm Removal (WaterPik!)

Hygiene Health™ is YOUR advocate and will help you achieve your goals for a healthy, attractive smile. Good dental health can reduce medical claims and improve overall health.

A Healthy Mouth is necessary for a Healthy Body.